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Tägliches Archiv: 14. April 2021

Veracode Service Level Agreement

The burden of minimizing risk and controlling operating costs by unsecured third-party software has been largely imposed on companies that purchase commercial applications. In most cases, companies have no idea of the vulnerabilities in these applications, resulting in an unacceptable level of unrelated risks. Veracode`s ARM program allows security experts to quantify and manage …

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Unops Agreement

Se anima a que los paéses donantes se pongan en contacto con JPO@unops.org si desean recibir m es informacién. Donor countries are encouraged to write JPO@unops.org address for additional information. 44. This goa can be modified or supplemented by a written agreement between UNHCR and UNOPS. All relevant issues referred to in this government …

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