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Non Disclosure Agreement With Supplier

The translator acknowledges that no legal protection is sufficient to compensate Pangeanic for violating the provisions of this Agreement and that Pangeanic, as a party aggrieved by such a violation, may be entitled to a temporary or permanent cease and casualty action against such a violation, without any real prejudice. The granting of a right to permanent or temporary omission does not in any way limit other remedies to which Pangeanic may be entitled as a result of such an offence. This agreement is governed by Spanish law. The court is the court of the city of Valencia. The supplier is committed to doing its best to communicate and exchange project-related experiences within their team and with the company. Copyright 2014. This article is owned by the Purchasing Next Level and cannot be copied or reissued without the express written permission of The Next Level Purchasing. Situation #4: When consulting with a supplier. If an organization is consulted in the hope of improvement, it will likely disclose certain information that is not intended for public knowledge. Therefore, you can force the supplier with whom you advise – even if that provider is not a consultant by definition – to sign an NDA. All translation companies have standard terms or supplier contracts with their suppliers. We follow the standard PROCEDUREs EN15038 and ISO9001, so that all our relationships with our language specialists must be covered to ensure full traceability. The supplier will provide high quality translation work and follow all the quality procedures specified by the company, applying specific guidelines (spelling verification, correction, use of consistent terminology, use of specific customer terminology…) as stated in each order.

If you accept each task, you hereafter confirm that the returned file has been verified according to the translation checklist list indicated in the project mission email. All rights to files and data created by the supplier under the contract, including intermediate files and data, are transferred to the company`s customer for payment. The supplier is aware that this framework contract alone should not support special treatment by the company and is considered a promise of future business. Any provision of this agreement, including the price list, may be amended by individual agreements concluded in writing. the recipient of the information undertakes not to use the confidential information disclosed by the other party, except for a specific purpose, without first obtaining written consent from the other party. Confidential information can be broadly defined to include company policies and business plans, finances, property rights (including vendor lists) and trade secrets.