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Section 3 Of The Amazon Business Solutions Agreement

Deceptive, fraudulent or illegal activities: In the second paragraph of paragraph 3 of Amazon`s new terms of use, Amazon has maintained a huge loophole in which it does not offer advance warning to sellers. If Amazon claims that you used your account for „fraudulent, fraudulent or illegal activity,“ Amazon will block you without 30 days of notification. If you specify or change your bank details later, the transfer calculation date may be extended by up to 14 days. For sellers registered after October 30, 2011 and listed in the retail plan, the transfer amount does not include the proceeds of the sale for the 14-day period prior to the transfer date. If you refund money to a customer in one of your transactions and the refund is made through us (or our partner), we will refund you the amount of the referral fee you paid us, including taxes and fees refunded only to the extent specified in the current tax guidelines. , net of the refund tax for each of your refundable products, which is not a BMVD product, the amount we can withhold as administrative expenses; however, if we reimburse you for the total amount of variable closing costs you paid us in the event of a full refund of the proceeds from the sale of a media product (and in the event of a partial refund of the proceeds from the sale of a media product, we will not refund you a portion of the variable closing costs you pay us). We pay all the money we pay back from time to time, in accordance with this subsection, as well as the next transfer we will have to transfer to you. „refund management fee,“ the applicable fee described in the refund management fee pricing plan for the Amazon website in question. If a provision of this Agreement is found to be unlawful, non-feasible or unenforceable for any reason, that provision is considered to be dissociable from these Terms and Conditions and does not affect the validity and applicability of the other provisions. If Canada is the chosen country, it is the explicit wish of the parties that this agreement and the terms of service and guidelines in force have been written in English. (Below is a French translation of the previous sentence: If the country of service is Canada, the parties agree that this authorization and all applicable terms and conditions are written in English.) We can provide translations of this agreement, terms of use and applicable guidelines, but the English version will have control.