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Unops Agreement

Se anima a que los paéses donantes se pongan en contacto con JPO@unops.org si desean recibir m es informacién. Donor countries are encouraged to write JPO@unops.org address for additional information. 44. This goa can be modified or supplemented by a written agreement between UNHCR and UNOPS. All relevant issues referred to in this government or any controversy between UNHCR and UNOPS will be resolved through mutual debate, in accordance with the relevant resolutions and decisions of the relevant UNITED Nations bodies. Each party also fully and favourably supports all proposals submitted by the other party in accordance with this paragraph. This is the first operational agreement of its kind between the EIB and a UN agency, signed by EIB President Werner Hoyer and under the leadership of UNOPS Secretary General and Executive Director Grete Faremo, in an online ceremony under the strict Covid-19 social rules currently in force across Europe. This framework agreement enables the EIB, through its mandate from the General Assembly to purchase goods, works and services, to help governments better respond and prepare for emergencies and emergencies. 12. UNHCR is not responsible for expenditures that go beyond the appropriations made available in this exchange of letters and should not be required unless this exchange of letters is amended in writing by mutual agreement. Mr.

Tokumitsu Kobayashi today signed an agreement on UNOPS to manage the purchase of $899,848 for procurement services for the Palestinian National School of Administration (PNSA) as part of the General Personnel Committee (GPC) in Ramallah. UNOPS is the legal and administrative host of several organizations. [10] The following positions are currently in the UNOPS hosting agreements, grouped by theme:[11] 30. Expenditures on scholarships or other training are stopped in accordance with UNOPS scholarship and training policies and procedures. UNHCR and UNOPS have agreed to make adjustments to any training elements. 29. Expenses related to contracts with consultants or advisory bodies are defined in contracts between UNOPS and the contractors concerned in accordance with UNOPS guidelines and procedures and cover all costs arising from these contracts.