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Amtrak Ibew Agreement

As previously reported, after three long and controversial years of negotiation, TCU Carmen, Manager, On-Board Service Worker and Supervisor have entered into an Interim Agreement (TA) with Amtrak with our coalition partners IAM, IBB, IBEW, SMART Mechanical, NCFO, TWU and UNITE-HERE. Subsequently, SMART-Transportation (formerly UTU) also initialled a similar agreement. Ta now covers 70% of Amtrak`s workforce. We are in the process of preparing the ratification material for sending to each member. Sending a full ratification package to each Amtrak member is scheduled for February 1, 2018, with a final return date of February 27. Once the ratification package has been received by members, the agreement will be published on this website. „Our members will soon have before them an agreement that does not provide for significant percentage wage increases – thousands and thousands of dollars. Our health care was fully protected, including our medical early retirement benefits, and finally, all work rules were protected. NO CHANGE. For years, Amtrak has insisted on one-time lump sums instead of actual percentage increases and sharp cuts to our healthcare. The TCU and our coalition partners have maintained the line – you are planning significant wage increases and our health care has been protected. Full details of the agreement will be made available to each member as part of a comprehensive ratification package that is expected to be available by mail in the coming weeks. Then, the full agreement will be published on the TCU website.

Bob Scardelletti, President of the TCU, said, „I want to thank everyone who stood their ground so that we could secure a strong contract that every hard-working member of Amtrak deserves. „I am very proud to say that the TCU negotiating team – National Vice Presidents Arthur Maratea and Jack Dinsdale, Carmen`s Deputy General Manager Carl Tingle, and National Representatives Charles Jackson and Michael Miller – has done a great job in the most difficult circumstances,“ said Bob Scardelletti, President of the TCU. . . .