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Community Benefits Agreement Alberta

Several jurisdictions in Canada and the United States have successfully used public utility agreements for major public infrastructure projects ranging from BC Dams to Los Angeles International Airport. Best practices are known. Community Benefits Agreements create opportunities for the next generation of project owners. Watch the stories of the front! #readytobuild #communitybenefits #nextgenbuilders Why can`t contractors hire whoever they want and pay what they want? In the absence of provisions setting out local hiring and union wage requirements, unscrupulous subcontractors could hire workers from outside B.C and possibly even temporary foreign workers from outside Canada. As was the case with the construction of the Canada Line. The workers were brought in from Latin America and paid $3.47 an hour. Even on site C „Non Building Trades portion of work“, 20% of workers are not from B.C. Skilled local workers should first be privileged with a salary that allows them to support their families and invest in their own communities. In an October 9 opinion piece published by the Edmonton Journal, Ken Kobly, president of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce, warns that „community agreements for Albertans may not work.“ In this preface, we have added extensive material on the community benefits movement; a new chapter describing the implementation of the pioneering CBA for the development of Staples in Los Angeles; a new annex indicating the old ASAs; a new annex describing certain ongoing Community profit campaigns; and several new sections on legal issues, victories over community benefits, and new approaches. We also provided an overview of the recent CBA for Los Angeles International Airport, which provides community benefits worth more than half a billion dollars, and a special section on the unusual legal aspects of this CBA. The CBA is similar to a system set up by the NDP in the 1990s under the Skills Development and Fair Wage Act. The law aimed to „provide skills development training in the construction industry“ and „ensure high quality standards for work“ and „fair wages for work done“ in publicly funded projects.

The creation of Highway Constructors Ltd (HCL), a 100% subsidiary of the BC Transportation Financing Authority (BCTFA), was an important part of the scheme. Through HCL, BCTFA tracked „the social and economic benefits to the province“ and promoted „local recruitment as well as training and hiring of equity.“ Like BCIB, HCL has been the employer of labour on major transportation projects such as the Vancouver Island Highway Project, Lions Gate Bridge Rehabilitation and Port Mann Bridge. What are Community Benefits? There are many types of community benefits agreements. Generally speaking, a CBA is an agreement that sets recruitment rules for publicly funded infrastructure projects. Generally, there will be provisions to hire a skilled local workforce first, as well as under-represented groups, including Aboriginal people, apprentices and women in occupations. THE CBAs also contain provisions relating to union wages and ensure that there are no work stoppages (strikes, lockouts) during the construction period. . .