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Legal Separation Agreement Form Canada

The idea of what happens when my spouse refuses to sign the separation contract has never crossed my mind. The concept of an educational plan may seem like a less hostile expression to a custody agreement, but educational plans offer much more information and much more flexibility than traditional childcare agreements. For an agreement to be legally sustainable, it is important that all decisions are informed decisions, which are formulated from a comprehensive set of facts. 8. JOINT CUSTODY The child of the marriage is placed under the joint guardianship of the parties and normally resides with the wife, subject to the following provisions: (1) The husband shall have every reasonable and liberal opportunity to visit the child or children and to allow the child(s) to attend, including the right to have the child, to spend the night at home or to take the child(s). from time to time, as agreed; and (2) The husband will participate fully in all important considerations concerning the child (the children). 9. . .