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Sheridan College Transfer Agreements

In addition to a series of exciting journeys between its own programs, Sheridan has transfer agreements with universities and universities around the world. A Sheridan degree can also lead to admission to a course. For more information, visit pathways.sheridancollege.ca or visit ONTransfer.ca for a guide to transfers between Ontario colleges and universities. Students typically need to complete more than one year of study at Sheridan to be eligible for transfer credit(s). Some institutions grant „block transfer credits“ based on the length of your studies. Other institutions evaluate transfer credits per course (Advanced Standing). It is important to inquire with the registration service. NWCCD has entered into agreements with other schools to maximize the transferability of degrees and courses. Would you like to continue your training elsewhere? Degrees and credits earned at the Colleges of NWCCD are highly transferable. Visit ONTransfer.ca for a guide to transfers between Ontario colleges and universities, including Sheridan Transfer Agreements (Articulation Agreements). It is also called „Articulation Agreements“, formal agreements that reflect the conditions of admission and the transfer of credits between certain programs in certain schools. These agreements make the transfer process easier, but remember that you are not limited to schools with such agreements for your program. Graduates of Sheridan College`s General Arts and Science Program with a minimum GBA of 3.0 (B or 70%) and who have met additional admission requirements specific to the program or study will receive a block of 45 credits if they participate in a bachelor`s program in York University`s Faculty of Humanities and Sciences.

Graduates who apply to other York faculties can also earn a block of 45 transfer points. Graduates who have taken courses at York University during the end of their Sheridan program can earn up to 57 credits before enrolling full-time at York University. So you`ve chosen at least one school where you want to settle – exciting! Your next step is to contact a transfer advisor at the school you can go to. Regis University Articulation Agreement NWCCD graduates with an AA or AS earn junior standing. Up to 90 credit hours can be used. Graduates of Sheridan Media Arts Advanced Diploma with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (B or 70%) are entitled to accreditation and earn 60 transfer points under this agreement. . . .