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What Is Gertrude`s Agreement With Hamlet

The ghost cites Gertrude`s insatiable lust as the cause of her quick marriage to her brother (the „trash“ in this metaphor). Gertrude`s sexual relationship with Claudius defines her character for Hamlets and alters the public`s perception of her as an excessively lustful and complacent person. However, Gertrude says nothing in the game text to confirm or deny this assessment. The language she uses paints a very different picture. In William Shakespeare`s play, Hamlet is the mother of Gertrude Hamlet and the Queen of Denmark. Her relationship with Hamlet is a bit turbulent, as he tells her to marry her husband Claudius` brother after he murders the king (the young Hamlet`s father, King Hamlet). Gertrude reveals no guilt in her marriage to Claudius after her husband`s recent murder, and Hamlet begins to show signs of jealousy towards Claudius. According to Hamlet, she barely mourned her husband`s death before marrying Claudius. In this passage, Gertrude swears by her life, keeping the spirit of Hamlet a secret and keeping her own knowledge of the murder of her first secret husband from her second husband – her murderer.

The intimacy forged between the two characters in this scene paves the way for the tragic end of the play and Gertrude`s role in it. In the 1940s, Ernest Jones – Freud`s psychoanalyst and biographer – developed Freud`s ideas in a series of essays that culminated in his book Hamlet and Oedipus (1949). Influenced by Jones` psychoanalytic approach, several productions have depicted the „closet scene“[7], in which Hamlet confronts his mother in a sexual light in her private rooms. In this reading, Hamlet is disgusted by his mother`s „incestuous“ relationship with Claudius and at the same time is afraid of killing him, as this would free Hamlet from his mother`s bed. Does Hamlet also sleep with his mother? It is not fear that prevents Hamlet from acting. Hamlet delays Claudius` murder because Claudius represents Hamlet`s most intimate desires to sleep with his mother Gertrude. And by killing Claude, Hamlet would be killing a part of himself. [1] Marguerite A. Tassi, Women and Revenge in Shakespeare: Gender, Genre, and Ethics (Selinsgrove PA: Susquehanna University Press, c.

2011.), p. 95. [2] www.bbc.co.uk/hamlet/making_of/director.shtml [Cited 2017 Apr 20]. [3] www.bbc.co.uk/hamlet/characters/gertrude.shtml [Cited 2017 Apr 20]. [4] www.irishtimes.com/news/a-reluctant-icon-1.111745 [Accessed April 28, 2017]. Although Laurence Olivier was not the first to put Hamlet in an Oedipal light, he popularized the idea of an unpleasant love between Hamlet and his mother in the Royal Shakespeare Company`s 1947 production and again in the 1948 film version. . .